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Mailing Address:
Managing Editor
The Dos Passos Review
Longwood University
Department of English and Modern Languages
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909

13 responses to “Contact Information

  1. Pirjo Zeylon

    I would like to send my manusscript of poetry to your contest. It seems a bit difficult to fix the cheque for $20 reading fee and $10 SASE for winner notification here in Sweden where I live. Would it be possible to send the money via PayPal and then include the printed receipt with my manusscript to verify that I have payed?
    I hope this is possible. What emailadress should I use in that case?

  2. E. Louise Beach

    Could you please tell me the name of the final judge for the Liam Rector Poetry Prize?

  3. Jennifer Habel

    Years ago, I published a poem in the The Dos Passos Review. That poem is not in the manuscript I wish to submit to the Liam Rector Poetry Prize. Am I eligible to submit?

  4. JB

    There are 72 pages of poetry in my ms. Would that automatically disqualify me?

  5. Lee

    Who retains rights in the Liam Rector contest, please?

  6. Will Cordeiro

    Dear Editors,

    I emailed the address listed above on this page, but the emailed bounced and reported a “permanent failure.”

    I respectfully request to withdraw my poem “Half Sister,” which I recently submitted, since it has been accepted at another publication. Please continue to consider the rest of my submission. Thank you.


    Will Cordeiro

  7. Do you accept memoir submissions? Thanks! Amy

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